Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ready, set,,,,
Why, what, where, when, how-come and reckon?  That definitely is the question.  Why do some folks (myself is mainly who I am referencing) put themselves in a situation they know little about?
I seem to be drawn to things that I know little about or don’t understand.  I have, as long as I can remember, wanted to know about how things worked; clocks, auto engines, brain surgery and so forth.  I figure if something is already broken, then tear into it and see if you can come up with what is causing it to be broke.  I look at it as “heck its already broke so chances are I ain’t gonna  break” it.  That sounds like I am repeating something.  Anyhow, last night with just a couple of hours before midnight, I signed up for this year’s Nanowrimo challenge.  There, I have announced it.  They say that once you announce it, you feel pressure to push forward and complete the task.  I won’t go into the details because all ya’ll know what it is about.  The truth is I need a little “prodding” with something like this.  I don’t view it as something BIG in my life; I am not trying to write the “Great American Novel”, but I do like messin’ with it. I have been a little slack on the blogging end of all this and maybe I will write about that in the future but mainly, it is just like tearing into something that is broken, except nothing has been broken.  Now that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?  I guess the fact that I haven’t posted is what I feel is the broken part and jumping off into this quicksand of Nanowrimo may be just the thing to “line me out”.
Well, here is my plan….I ain’t got a plan.  Nope, no plot, no outline.  I do have my characters; Billy Ray and Hank.  Ya’ll all remember them, don’t you?  I don’t know how all this works but hopefully it will “ all even out in the end”(that was mentioned in an earlier post)
Ya’ll are welcome to comment any helps, hints, or mints as awaaaayyyy we go.


  1. Go Glenn. I remember Billy Ray and Hank. Can't wait to read their latest misadventures. I've missed your stories.

  2. Glenn, I'm going to see if I can comment using anonymous, although it seems to be hit and miss no matter what identity I use. Was going to drop in at your other place and attempt to send xmas greetings and to let you know that I still read you, but ALL YOUR POSTS ARE GONE! What happened?

    Anyway, hope you had a wonderful holiday, and that the new year brings you happiness and good health.

    Linda, W2W